March 28, 2023

Nugs is an app that lets you stream live music from over 900 different concerts. It has been expanding to 80 new markets and features ad-free streaming. In just one year, the app has logged over 900 live concerts, including many from regional acts from all over the country.

Nugs has streamed over 900 concerts

The company has partnered with Ticketmaster and Songkick to make this possible, and is embracing the new norm of virtual events. The company pays artists as little as $0.0038 per stream, the lowest rate of any streaming platform. This is good news for music fans, as it means more people can enjoy live music.

Spotify is also making live events easier to find. The Live Events Feed lists upcoming concerts and includes information about artists, concert lineups, and links to purchase tickets. Users can jump directly to the event listing from the Spotify app. You’ll be alerted at least 24 hours in advance, so you can make plans accordingly.

It’s in 80 new markets

In addition to expanding its music streaming service, Spotify recently announced plans to expand its advertising business outside of podcasting. The company plans to use its Podsights and Chartable technologies outside of podcasting. The former allows podcasters to include tags in their shows and also tracks user actions such as how many times a listener clicks on a podcast.

As part of the expansion, Spotify has launched a partnership with Roblox. Roblox is an online game in which users can create their own worlds and share their experiences with friends. The company has developed an interactive world for fans of its music, Spotify Island, which will enable fans to create sounds together and hang out in digital spaces. They can also purchase exclusive virtual merch and access exclusive content.

It’s expanding to include platforms like Mandolin

A new livestream platform, Mandolin Network, is aiming to help artists and venues connect. Its Venue and Promoter Network provides artists with a database of venues offering a turnkey livestream concert experience. These venues range from small clubs to iconic venues.

With new partnerships with Ticketmaster, Mandolin, and Songkick, nugs is targeting fans outside of traditional concert venues. Streaming concerts on Spotify will be able to reach those who might not have previously bought tickets. Also, the music company hopes to attract fans who will buy souvenirs of concerts.

As the live concert streaming industry grows and changes, more platforms are able to participate. Ticketing partners like Ticketmaster and Songkick are now available on Spotify. Spotify will also include virtual events from these new partners. Users can access virtual events through their favorite artist’s “On Tour” tab. This new feature will automatically direct them to the event page. However, artists must work with ticketing partners in order to list their virtual shows on Spotify.

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